The project

The project

The origins

We were there, in the hot sun but intrigued.

We looked at the small groups of day jobbers, gathered around the “caporali” (not the cruel and unscrupulous ones, but real intermediaries of the hidden job). They are people with a specific “role”, within the society.
Their HR management was impressive.

In this snapshot there is our story: we are sons of peasants, nomads of a mistreated land, tenacious like the jobbers.

In this snapshot there is the origin and the purpose of our project: we want to bring things back to normality, we want to plant the “ethic seed” in our communities. This because only throughout the ethics and quality standards of our trust network, workers, producers and consumers can collaborate responsibly to restore respect and dignity within the farm sector.


Our mission

“Alla Giornata” is a social enterprise based in the Southern Italy, exactly in Capitanata land where historic farmers struggles took place (to know more: “The City of the Sun: Red Cerignola – 1900 – 1915).

Our mission is to fight any types of irregular job. Unfortunately this problem is very common due to the limited recruitment opportunities and it affects the majority of our communities.
We aim to create ethic farm chains to empower all the disadvantaged people (especially, the so called NEET).
At the same time, we want to set up an agri-inno ecosystem through which employees, producers and consumers join together to promote the top quality of the “made in Italy” ethic food.

Moreover, “Vivere alla giornata” is a specific mood: it means work hard to reach your own achievements, it means follow the Nature’s rhythm, it is about searching for the happiness throughout the sharing action.